Herd Management Partnership Available in BC

Hi Folks,

We are looking for someone interested in a herd management partnership with us in Alberta or British Columbia.

We recently moved to Langley, BC from Saskatchewan in August of 2013. My wife Cheryl and I owned a ranch just outside of Saskatoon where we ran a horse boarding and breeding operation. After having some health challenges it became clear that we could no longer handle the ranch so we sold it and headed west.

We were not willing to part with our horses and the breeding operation we had worked so hard to build over the years, so we devised a profit sharing plan with some people we knew and trusted. We presently have herds in Saskatchewan and Alberta. We breed Gypsy Cobs, also known as Gypsy Vanners. It’s a very rare breed in North America and you can read all about them on our website.

We are looking for a location in Alberta and/or close to the Fraser Valley area in BC herd. Most of the horses slated for the BC herd are at our current Alberta herd location at this time. At the minimum, a herd management partner would need to be able to take one stallion and 4 to 5 mares. Of course, everything is up for discussion but that is the basic model that is presently working in other locations. Financially, this model has been very successful in both of our current locations.

In our herd management plan, we retain ownership of all horses and offspring. While part of the herd management partnership, all expenses are split equally between herd managers and ourselves. All profits are also split equally. We provide the valuable inventory to the business and the herd managers provide a place for them to live as well as the daily care of the horses. All other expenses and profits are shared 50/50. Our gelded colts sell on average at about $7500 each and our fillies at an average of $10,500 each. The reality of the plan is that it can provide you with a flow of income on your property similar to boarding horses, without the issue of having to deal with the constant traffic of their owners invading your property on a daily basis. The horses are there for your personal enjoyment and use just as if they were your own.

If you are a knowledgeable horse person and are interested in talking to us about this incredible breed, we would love to talk to you. (We should mention that these horses are incredibly easy to care for and do not require indoor stabling, as they are happiest outdoors.)

If you are not able to take advantage of this opportunity but know someone who might be, we'd appreciate any contacts you could send our way.

Thanks for your time and blessings,

Dale & Cheryl Nygaard
North Fork Gypsy Cobs